Certificate For Students

USDE gives equalization certificates to students and working professionals, who are in quest of employment opportunities in America, for higher career options. The education standard in America is different from the academic standards followed around the world, it is imperative for students seeking employment in America to obtain equalization certificate or a degree to add value to his work experience.

USDE attests an individual’s academic documents to check their authenticity and validity. After their academic documents get verified, USDE issues an equalization certificate with the attested copies of his early education which will give the employer an idea about his complete education.

Working professionals who have obtained an equalization certificates through the United States Higher Education Board are employed at higher positions in different industries, such as engineering, business, manufacturing, etc. Let’s see what benefits working individuals have received by obtaining an equalization certificate.

Evaluation Process

USDE commenced with the mission to verify the legality of certificates individuals have obtained from American institutes, colleges, and universities. Our objective is to ensure and evaluate whether the earned certificates and degrees meet the academic standards set by American higher educational institutes or not, and whether these qualification are relevant to America’s education system.

Our program offers two kinds of credit equivalency evaluation packages, which contains: Course-by-Course Evaluation Report and Document-by-Document Evaluation Report.

Benefits of Course-By-Course Evaluation Report:

• This credit equivalency evaluation provides grade point average (GPA) on a scale of 4.0 .
• It gives an identity to certificate, diploma or degree and presents them in an appropriate manner.
• Files each course with semester credits.
• It shows the duration of education.
• Perfect for education, licensing, and certification.
• The evaluation package provides equivalency for every document

Benefits of Document-By-Document Evaluation Report: This credit equivalency evaluation package is best suited for secondary school credentials, immigration as well as employment.

• Best for verification and explanation of certificate, diploma and degree.
• Each document goes through an evaluation process through equivalency.
• Finds out period of education

Eligibility Criteria

To become a graduate, students need to obtain a minimum number of upper division credits. They can easily transfer unlimited degree credits to obtain their degree, certificate, or diploma cleared, if they wish to pursue a career in America. However, for equalization of degrees and certificates which graduates have earned from any international institutes, outside of America, they need to provide USDE with complete and accurate documents from their school, college, or university, according to the standard guidelines. USDE has the rights to reject an application if any important document is missing.