United States Department Of Education

USDE is an American accreditation certifying institute for granting degree for secondary programs like law, nursing, engineering, business management, criminal law, and social services, applied arts, science, and other disciplines. The accreditation provides a guarantee that a college or university meets the quality standards of the industry.

USDE accreditation process incorporates all profiles and disciplines, and we assist both academic and professional mobility. Accredited degree programs offer students, advisors, and employers to ensure that the accredited degrees meet the quality standard set by the all profession.

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The USDE Directory of Accredited Institutions includes distance learning high schools, colleges and universities.

Military Service Members

Distance education offers convenient programs and services for active duty military and veterans.

Financial Aid Programs

Check out financial aid programs provided by various educational institutions from all around the globe.

Transfer of Credit

College and universities consider accreditation status as one of the many factors used to evaluate credit for transfer.

High Standard of Education

USDE key functions are to assure educational quality and asses’ compliance with accreditation standards.

Accredited High School

Online high schools offer courses, concentrations, and career-focused programs which allow students to work at their own pace.